Setting up Cuckoo 2.0.5 – Part II

This is my second article on the cuckoo sandbox series. The previous one focused on setting up the host machine and from here on out we will be focusing on the guest machine. Preparing the Virtual Machine Now that we are done with the host machine, we will start preparing the virtual machine, starting with... Continue Reading →

Setting up Cuckoo 2.0.5 – Part I

This is a comprehensive, step by step documentation of the procedure that I followed for installing the latest version of cuckoo, i.e. 2.0.5. This was part of a bigger project I was working on during my master's education. Your feedback on how to improve or any corrections related to my cuckoo setup would be greatly... Continue Reading →

Hell0 W0rld

Welcome to SecureSeed. I will be posting out articles on the things I learn in the cyberspace and in return help you learn as well. Not necessarily security articles all the time, but other experiences, scripts, tools I come across will also be posted here.   What this blog is "not" about:   OR Maybe... Continue Reading →

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